Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Babies Are Smart

There are few things I dislike more than being away from my family. Amy and Eve are at the cottage for a week until I join them and I was in Jersey City for about 40 hours before that. As much as the dogs try, they don't quite fill the gap.

While at the cottage Eve has taken to specifically asking for "cheese" and "up". More words! Smartest baby ever!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whoa...Forgot To Post

Life got so busy being a Dad that I forgot to update my blog about life as a Dad. I guess that basically says it all.

As Eve has grown, become more mobile and independent (and seemingly hell bent on killing herself), and otherwise become more awesome, funny, and cute, she's also infinitely more time consuming. A half year ago I would have thought that was impossible BUT I WAS WRONG.

I'm now frantically hunting for "cool" things to do with her (aka not Rainbow Songs or weird hippie shit). I'm figuring out how to get her to love playing with dirt, how to get her into sports, how to get her on a bike without her falling off, how to get her to appreciate music more, and otherwise how to be perfect.

Of course in all of this I worry about turning her into a douchebag (great article) or developing her cynicism too early.

She's too perfect to end up like the above so I probably won't break her. Probably.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And now you are 1

Eve turned 1 on the first of January. She is old as dirt now and it's time to trade her in for something newer!

Kidding. She's amazing. BUT! Here are the things that irk me as a doting father:

1) Sleep. When the hell is she going to sleep through the night? We're working on getting it down to one feed after we go to bed.
2) Speed. She's really damn fast and she's just starting to toddle about. She crawls faster than I walk and messes things up faster than I can fix them.
3) Food. She loves food sometimes. Other days, she does not want anything except toast, crackers, or cheese. For this reason we're very hesitant to raise her vegan - I need her to eat something damn it and cheese is a guaranteed eat.
4) Child Care. Why the hell is it so expensive? While yes I believe that my daughter deserves the best, I also believe that we're getting taken for a ride when centres tell us that it's going to cost $1,800 a month for one infant.

When not chasing her around ensuring she doesn't kill herself, we spend most of our time doting and staring at her. We marvel at how cute she is, and we clap, sing, make silly noises, and otherwise are fools for her. Some days I still marvel that she's here and how perfect (excluding some of the above) she is. It's crazy to take stock of your life and realize you have everything you need - particularly a perfect wife and a perfect daughter.

I'm a lucky man. A lucky, tired man.