Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tips For Travelling With A Baby

We returned from a trip to Mexico two weeks ago. I think we picked up some reasonable experience that can be shared.

1) No amount of planning is too much - the worst possible thing that could happen is that you end up on vacation missing something very, very important (diapers) or minorly important (baby socks).

2) Don't fear the all-inclusive resort - We were deadset against them for ages; too cool, if you will. Babies change that. Big time. Reasons will follow.

3) Naps are still sacrosanct - If your wee one is young, don't mess with them. It will haunt you and kill you and ruin your vacation.

4) Research the crap out of sunscreen - know which ones are ok for kids (Alaska / snow trips somewhat excluded).

5) If you need a sun tent for your baby, I recommend the Kidco Peapod. It packs up into a tiny little package and has a self-inflating mat. It was exactly what we needed to keep Eve's pasty, chubby legs from getting burned.

6) Don't go too far - the flight to and from Mexico was about 3.5 or 4 hours. That was more than enough. Holy crap. Eve was good on the plane, but "good" for a baby still means bouncing, burping, moving, getting frustrated/bored, and otherwise making parents somewhat annoying (especially on the way back).

7) Bring a babysitter so you can get druuuuuunk. We did not. Being hangover-free is a good consolation I suppose.

There are other little nuances that are probably Eve-specific. I'm sure this list can be expanded upon, but it's a start. In truth vacationing with an almost 5-month-old was pretty easy for us.

I still want to leave her at home next time.

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  1. You forgot diapers? That's kind of funny.

    Oh, and those pods only work if your child is happy to lay alone in a pod. At the time, Ada was still napping in arms, so the pod just made her angry, so very very angry.

    You know, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I'd go on a trip with an infant again.