Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Time For Parents

Eve is 3 months old now and the changes are incredible. She's a bit more mobile and alert, is bigger, cuter, gurgles and coos, and she poos with a whole new level of ferocity. She's incredible to watch and dote on. In fact, the words Amy and I say most often seem to be, "she's so friggin cute I can't even deal with it" or something to that effect.

So we spend a ton of time doting and waiting on her happily, and it's good. But as she grows a bit older it seems like we're leaving less time for ourselves and more time to entertain and stare at her during the day.

Enter night however, and she sleeps pretty early leaving at least 3 hours for Amy and I to obsessively fly through episodes of Six Feet Under (at least 2 a night).

My point is that it's hard going from living only for yourselves to supporting a child, particularly one who's growing faster than a weed on crack, and finding that balance is tricky. We're slowly learning how to find time to do our own thing. I think it's imperative to have a good sitter (family is fantastic) a strong committment to each other that you'll do something for yourselves, and the patience of a saint.

...and a wall unit filled with scotch (for nights that you can't go out).

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