Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeding The Baby / North American Food Is Boring

I'm really hoping the baby isn't as picky an eater as I was when I was young. I will do everything I can to combat it.

I pulled the following quote directly from an email from Baby Center (yes, I am on the mailing list for Baby Center, and yes it's awesome, and yes I'm an involved father).

While babies throughout the world are dining on complex, flavor-rich cuisine, many U.S. babes are gumming plain, tasteless mush. The reasons behind our love affair with blandness are open to debate, but one thing is certain – they're not based on research.

"The idea that babies should eat only bland food is a myth that has somehow become our cultural norm," says Seattle pediatrician Susanna Block, owner of World Baby Foods, a baby food company. "There's absolutely no science behind it."
In other words, a culinary walk on the wild side won't hurt your baby in the slightest. In fact, breastfed babies have walked that walk already.

Breast milk takes on the flavors of the food the mother eats, Block explains, so if you enjoy a meal at your favorite Indian restaurant and then nurse, your baby will also be enjoying an Indian meal, with its medley of flavors. "To go from diverse, flavorful breast milk to bland, processed foods seems like a step backward," she says.

So far it seems like chili and spicy food don't make the baby happy. That's going to have to change if she's going to take part in Taco Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday that I'm trying to implement. (Thursday is for burgers, weekends are for Indian and Korean).

If Eve doesn't like spicy food I may have to trade her for an 80 year old Mexican man.


  1. - Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater

    It's written by a local, Seattle author and I've only read excerpts in the paper, but it looks pretty good for down the road.

    Also..."Taco Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday" - ha.

  2. Bookmark this for a few months from now:

  3. I've heard this too. My sister didn't really do anything crazy with my nephew, but he has the best eating habits of any kid I've ever met. He's two years old and loves blueberries, tzatziki sauce, vegetarian pizza, and basically anything else healthy. It's amazing!