Friday, February 26, 2010

Laughing At Babies Crying

Eve had her first vaccinations yesterday. It was highly traumatic for her. For me? Not so much.

I cracked up. I couldn't help it. Don't judge me.

Eve's a pretty low-key kid now that she's 2 MONTHS OLD (time flies, for real. That makes me sound old, but it's true). She had her fussy moments (see previous posts for evidence of Dad-tears), but she seems to have moved on from them. For now...

In the interim, she had her aforementioned shots and screamed like I've never heard a baby scream before. And I laughed. It was the most god awful cry she's made yet but I couldn't help it. I think I was just amazed she had the lungs to let out that wail.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whoa, she's actually a person

I'm not sure exactly when it happened but recently I started calling Eve by her name.

For a good 4 or 5 weeks, she was "the baby". She'll still be the "the baby" here and there and will definitely get called "a baby" when she's being wimpy, but now she's Eve.

I think it's a big transition for the little terror. Maybe she gets a name because she started sleeping better and Daddy no longer has moments of blistering frustration. Maybe it's because she smiled at us last week. Maybe it's because I can watch her watch her mobile endlessly.

It's probably because I am constantly trying to get her to smile. " Smile for Daddy? Look it's Mommy! Smile for Mommy? You look like you might be happy, can I have a smile?"

She probably thinks her dad is mentally challenged.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Do All My Learning From The Interweb

I love the internet. A lot. It's one of the few places in the world you can turn to in order to find porn and gardening advice at virtually the same time. But everything the internet has to offer about parenting advice can suck an egg.

Sure, it's helped talk us off a ledge a few times but it's also come really damn close to pushing me off of one too. Ask the wrong question and your child either has polio or gas or whooping cough or tendinitis.

I didn't even think babies could get tendinitis god damn it.

It's hard because you spend the entire pregnancy sick of people giving you advice and then after the baby is born you're looking for it from a few key places (definitely not the cafeteria dude who tells you to hang the baby upside down for 12 minutes a day to ensure they grow tall). And when you don't hear the answer you like or that calms you, you turn to the internet.

And then it doesn't tell you anything.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeding The Baby / North American Food Is Boring

I'm really hoping the baby isn't as picky an eater as I was when I was young. I will do everything I can to combat it.

I pulled the following quote directly from an email from Baby Center (yes, I am on the mailing list for Baby Center, and yes it's awesome, and yes I'm an involved father).

While babies throughout the world are dining on complex, flavor-rich cuisine, many U.S. babes are gumming plain, tasteless mush. The reasons behind our love affair with blandness are open to debate, but one thing is certain – they're not based on research.

"The idea that babies should eat only bland food is a myth that has somehow become our cultural norm," says Seattle pediatrician Susanna Block, owner of World Baby Foods, a baby food company. "There's absolutely no science behind it."
In other words, a culinary walk on the wild side won't hurt your baby in the slightest. In fact, breastfed babies have walked that walk already.

Breast milk takes on the flavors of the food the mother eats, Block explains, so if you enjoy a meal at your favorite Indian restaurant and then nurse, your baby will also be enjoying an Indian meal, with its medley of flavors. "To go from diverse, flavorful breast milk to bland, processed foods seems like a step backward," she says.

So far it seems like chili and spicy food don't make the baby happy. That's going to have to change if she's going to take part in Taco Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday that I'm trying to implement. (Thursday is for burgers, weekends are for Indian and Korean).

If Eve doesn't like spicy food I may have to trade her for an 80 year old Mexican man.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In an unpacked home, rubbermaid + tea towel = crib

I was speaking with a coworker who is also a new-dad/new-dead-man-walking and we both are experiencing the same feelings of jealousy. Jealous that the Moms get to spend so much time with the babies, jealous that the babies seem to be developing more of a bond with the moms, and jealous that Moms get to see babies do cool/cute stuff first.

That being said, I'm sure as shit not jealous that my wife has to deal with daytime sightings of the Nocturn. Had enough of it last night, thank you very much. If only we could figure out what causes the fussing we'd be happier and more alert parents.

I'm also not jealous of how hard it is to get things done with a fussy baby that needs constant attention and will only let you put her down for short stints. Frankly, I have no idea how Amy's going to have the time to beat Super Mario Bros for Wii (when I finally pick it up).

The baby (perhaps I'll start calling her by her name soon) is one of the best things to happen to us, but the worst thing to happen to productivity since the internet. Hence our semi-unpacked home. And the coat hangers I'm yet to hang up. And the curtains that are still packed (hi neighbours!).