Thursday, January 7, 2010

"It's Totally Worth It" - The New Parent's Mantra

Can you find the bags under my eyes?

When we started letting people know about the pregnancy there was a ton of excitement; Ours, our families, our friends, and particularly our friends that were already parents.

Everyone and their sister has something to tell you about pregnancy, labour, and raising a child but parents always add that little something to the end of it: "it's totally worth it". They say this because they're telling you how hard or shitty or insane or maddening something is. An example, " You forget to floss for a week and get old-man breath because you're so tired, but it's totally worth it." And one of the worst parts about pregnancy (outside of the hell a woman goes through) is how incredibly OFTEN you hear things of this nature.

Before the baby got here I thought to myself, "These guys are real wimps. How bad could it be? They just need to relax a little." Now that the baby is here I've learned that they were god damned right. This shit IS hard and it DOES suck sometimes. Between the lack of sleep, the endless diapers, and the fury the damned Rubic's Cube of a sling has unleashed on me it's a wonder I'm not in diapers myself (and I don't even have to breastfeed the baby. My poor wife!).

"It's totally worth it" isn't something said in passing to expectant parents. It's a mantra that all new parents must learn in order to make it through their first days with the baby. I love my daughter more than almost anything on this planet (wife first!) but sometimes I rock myself to sleep gently whispering, "it's totally worth it" while crying.

I cry a single salty tear and then it's time to get up and rock the baby back to sleep.

* side note: men who read this, please understand we have it VERY easy. We don't have any of the hard shit to do so never complain about ANYTHING in front of your wife (if you value your life).
**side, side note: when I wake up to rock the baby back to sleep my wife has already been up for a half hour feeding the ravenous devil. Again, men have it easy.


  1. Hahaha! This is the cutest thing I've ever read. I cleaned up cat barf on the carpet three times this weekend, and I can't say it's totally worth it.