Sunday, January 10, 2010

holy shit, baby bjorn!

The sum of the parts! Good god, the sum of the parts is what makes babies so expensive. How we're fooled into saying, "oh it's not that much, let's just buy it" and "this might work, it might help her sleep, it might help us sleep, it might make her a happy and healthy baby".

I should amend that. Some of the the parts that we're summing are bloody expensive.

We now have 3 baby carriers for all kind of different occasions. These carriers range in price from $40 - $180. When Eve is in the most expensive one I feel like she's a heartbeat away from suffocating but my back feels fantastic. When she's in the cheapest I feel like her neck is one reach-for-the-remote away from breaking .

We have spent money to help Eve sleep safer only to discontinue using items 2 days later as the only reason they keep Eve safe is because she doesn't sleep in them and instead stays up until all hours being angry at us and spitting up on whatever is within 50 yards.

What I'm learning is what I really knew before hand. Eve doesn't give a shit. Most of this stuff does nothing to help her. We buy it in hopes of it helping us and instead we go crazy trying to make it work (it never works).

All she really needs is some clothes, stuff to mop up her spit up, and diapers. Oh, and that expensive carrier is pretty fucking fantastic.


  1. I swore up and down I wasn't going to go overboard on purchases. Fast forward to the first month - If they told us we should buy pet rocks because it would make her happier/sleepier, we probably would have bought ten. Take heart, you can always sell the crap on Craigslist/EBay/Local listservs.

    And I'm up to 5 carriers now, so no shame (mind you 3 were bought used, but still....). Favs = Wrap and Ergo. The sling I lovingly sewed has been rejected numerous times.

    P.S. Here's a great swaddle that keeps the arms pinned but doesn't require a $40 velcro blanket:

  2. I have a fantastic sling, heart2heart, I used one for both Kate and Simon (we got a new one for Simon because we loaned Kate's to my sister and she loaned it to a friend...) Oh yeah, nothing works all the time, that's why there's lots of choices. 2 fussy babies + two supid-tired adults = lots of money spent to fix both.
    The sling is yours if you want it - good to change things up to save your posture.

  3. p.s. Eve's totally not suffocating in what I assume is the back-saving-but-very-expensive baby bjorn. Babies are many things, being tolerant of discomfort is not one of them.

  4. The back saver is the Ergo Baby carrier thinger. Best $180 I've ever spent. That cuddly wrap thing is good for getting the baby to go to sleep, but then again so is zipping her into my hoodie when I'm wearing it...

  5. side note: the sling makes me crazy. I loathe ours.

  6. Wow, Canadians get *jacked*, the Ergo cost me $105 down here. Sorry, you probably didn't want to hear that. The good news is I couldn't find a used one to save my life. In other words, people don't sell them. In other other words, people like them.

    Hoodie probably also beats wrap in that hoodie doesn't take 15 minutes and an engineering degree to get on.